Quick Adwords Hacks for Online Reputation Management

Adwords is the essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. All the companies swear by Adwords for the generation of web traffic and lead generation.

Beyond traffic and leads, Adwords also is a potent ORM tool.

First, think about some key aspects of online reputation management. Before damage control, it’s essential to know If someone has never heard of your brand before, what type of impression are they greeted with online, and then controlling the results as per you want it to be.

Let’s take a look at how AdWords can help with online reputation management:

1. Choosing right Keywords

Marry the positive keywords giving them a special place in your campaign, like “Best athletic stores”, “High-performance running gear”,” Hot yoga outfits” and others of the kind that boost your brand image.

It’s also imperative to add certain negative keywords that you wish to govern like “x reviews’, “x scam’, to your campaigns.

2. Use of Ad Extensions

Creating site links that link the ads to websites that highlight the positive aspect of company is a great strategy. Also call outs can be made to certain pages which are around awards or other recognition by the company.

3. Use of Ad Copy

Ad copy can be strategically updated to highlight positive messaging. Consider the final URL’s, perhaps link the ads the company’s press release on the issue.There’s a lot of opportunity to customize your branded keyword ads to focus on mitigating the backlash. This can be through the copy itself and also where the ads lead to.

These and a lot other ways are there that can ensure reputation management using Adwords. But unlike other methods, this calls for some investment and so its best that only experts handle your Adword account for better results.

To discuss how Adwords could benefit your company get in touch with the team at Value4Brand or give  a call on +91-9953187988, +442032901151. Value4Brand provides online reputation management services in Delhi.



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