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Using Slideshare for Your Business- The Quick and Easy Guide

Anybody who has a business and thinks of doing some marketing online thinks first of Google, then Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter, most go up to Youtube also. But that’s it.

But when you need to do Online reputation management you need more than these links to cover the first page of Google and this is where SlideShare comes into place

What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a slide hosting service, it was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012.  You can think of it as Youtube just instead of videos it deals with Slides.

Slideshare allows users to upload powerpoint slides, pdf, and other presentation forms.

Still, if you doubt its credibility, do note that SlideShare has 60 million users, hosts over 18 million pieces of content, and gets 159 million monthly page views.

SlideShare is a great opportunity for social media marketers. But to ensure the maximum use of this platform, a strong strategy around content and design needs to be in place.

For all those new to Slideshare, the Social Marketing experts at Value4Brand have enlisted few key pointers to get you started.

1. Content is the Key to Success

SlideShare is an about well-written presentation, the audience here comes for quality content and so any shallow presentation won’t solves your purpose. You need to put some genuine quality original content to ensure that the clicks are as you are expecting.

Images also need to be good quality or it will take down the show of the entire presentation. Just like with any other social medium, compelling visuals are important for capturing and sustaining people’s attention on SlideShare.

Professional is the word to focus, no tacky fonts unnecessary custom animations.

2. Use you SEO expertise

Using keywords and tags that are ranking well in Google, will reward you, Make sure you  keyword optimize your content. The platform ranks really well, so ensure that you r keywords tagged help you gain a better ranking.

3. Promote your content

No Social media strategy survives alone, so if you are new to Slideshare you can very well use your existing social media channels to drive traffic to your posts here on Slideshare,  The best bet in this is Linkedin.  It’s up to you to get your presentation seen and shared, so be sure to promote it across all of your marketing channels, including your blog and social media

4. Remember the Give to get rule

Before you upload your presentation, make sure that you’ve included at least one call-to-action. The Audience needs to know what they are expected to give in return for getting the knowledge just earned by the slide.

5. Create Audience-oriented content

Plan your content as per your audience for a better impact and results. The content should justify the need and most importantly the intellectual capability of the audience in demand, else all your efforts would go in vain.

 For more information please check Value4Brand Reviews.

So, planning to start your SlideShare profile, have some questions about it? Feel free to contact us at +91-9953187988, +442032901151.



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