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Beware Of the Online Complaint Business

Sites such as,, and the similar ones have learned that complaints and negative posts can track high on search results. The concept is a game changer that turns complaints into a money-making machine.

The sites are generally open forums that enable anyone to say whatever he or she wants, without any policing or commitment to accuracy.

Online complaint sites remain in business because their complaints rank quickly and highly on search results on Google and other search engines. The site mints money while making the subjects of its reports miserable

 Anyone can say whatever he or she wants with no devotion to truth or accuracy. Why would Google continue to give them value on search results according to  Australian online expert Michael Roberts, he will say it is all about advertising. Complaint sites serve as Google’s advertising partners and drive traffic to Google sponsored ads. So, despite the common assertion that Google advertising has nothing to do with search results.

Some complaint sites have policies in place that enable some complaints to be removed. For example, the author of the complaint can edit and even delete a complaint.

For victims of disparaging complaints and reviews on consumer complaint sites, options exist to either have negative complaints removed or de-listed from search results. Some require a legal approach, while others can be handled with a digital forensic approach. Either way, just as complaining, in general, isn’t going anywhere, neither are complaint sites.

Have you or your company ever faced a similar problem, contact Value4Brand an online reputation management and digital PR company. Their team of experts would guide you to sail smoothly through these complaint sites.

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