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Using Pinterest – make your Business Pinteresting

Google and Bing the major search engines constantly update and change their formulas for searching. This means that online reputation management consultants must also be updating and changing their approach.

Using Pinterest for reputation management is a topic that has been overlooked in the current buzz around this social photo site. If you are a brand or an individual looking to control the search engine results (SERPs) around your name, Pinterest, as well as other social photo sharing sites, can be an effective tool.

Pinterest can be a valuable social media marketing tool, and as a result is a way to help drive successful reputation management campaigns. Pinterest drives traffic and referrals in unprecedented ways.  Very quickly it has become a proven tool, which is very helpful for reputation management professionals.

Pinterest could prove especially useful in managing online reputations as well as creating an enhancement of a brand.  Enhancing a brand is similar to traditional reputation management approaches where negative online postings are suppressed by the creating a stream of positive online content: in this case, there are no negative posts— instead, the focus is on inundating the search engines with positive information.

But as Pinterest wasn’t initially created to serve a business purpose following points are to taken into consideration

  1. Get pinned-

    Be sure to add a “Pin It” button to your product pages, so visitors and customers can pin your products onto Pinterest. In addition, add a Pinterest “follow” button to your website, alongside your buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  2. Use attractive images-

    Well-lit, interesting compositions and vibrant imagery are sure to catch the eye. Eye-popping photos will spark more interest—and by using props and making sure that the photos are very pretty and aesthetically pleasing, people are more likely to repin your items”.

  3. Include your URL

    Selling should be subtle on Pinterest, as& it turns off users if the advertising is obvious. include the name and prices of items in the description, as well as keywords.

  4. Grow your community

    Be sure to follow, like and repin others. Like other social networks, your Pinterest account will grow and thrive with continued engagement.

  5. Competitor Analysis

    All businesses should be using Pinterest for competitive intelligence, to see not only what their competitors are pinning but what users are pinning from their competitors’ sites.

For more information about social media management services, you can connect with Value4Brand.



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