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Master LinkedIn- Learn to use it as a Smart ORM Tool

A brand constantly makes efforts to improve its reputation, and create a positive image. Most often, it heads straight to Google as a one stop solution for everything. While Google is definitely a sure shot solution for reputation management, it is not the be all and end all of online reputation. With the soaring popularity of LinkedIn, you can definitely consider it as an essential tool for reputation management. At the moment, this site has well over 107 million users in the United States alone, according to official LinkedIn statistics, which makes it one of the biggest social media sites out there. That simple fact might make it a good target for reputation work.

Still with such a huge user base not much is known as to how to use it for reputation management.

To help you with same experts at Value4Brand have compiled top 5 smart ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage:

1. Keyword Optimization

LinkedIn works much like a search engine. Using the right keywords makes a profile a little easier to find. And, the right keywords could also help someone to seem a little more professional or credible. Keywords work best in high-impact spots, including:

  • Headlines
  • Company names
  • Job titles
  • Skills

2. Boast about yourself a little

LinkedIn actively encourages boasting. There’s an entire section of each profile devoted to awards and recognitions you’ve won. Loading that up with real data could be an excellent way to suggest that you’re good at what you do, and that you can be trusted with future work.It’s important to resist the urge to lie as you type, however, as LinkedIn also makes it really easy for your contacts to report inaccuracies. So it’s best to be honest.

3. Connect with peers and join groups

LinkedIn connections are designed to assist with profile building. The people you’re linked to provide endorsements and written recommendations. They respond to posts and share them. They work as a supportive community. Groups contain professionals who all share the same kind of work or the same basic set of interests. Interacting with groups allows you to connect with others in the field, who might become connections in time.

4. Endorsements

Endorsements allow your 1st level contacts the ability to endorse specific skills. For each skill endorsement you receive you are branding yourself and making yourself more credible in the eyes of potential clients.

5. Blog here

you can use the site to share and amplify the content you’ve written for other sites. Links from a personal blog are easy to share on LinkedIn, as are links to guest posts you might write for other sites. If those posts are optimized with the keywords you’re fighting, and you’re looking for a way to drive more clicks on those posts, LinkedIn could be a great help.

Setting up a profile and joining a few groups isn’t a winning long-term LinkedIn strategy. It takes ongoing work to really make the site tick. It’s something that takes time.

But clearly, LinkedIn has a great deal of power, so it’s worth the effort to utilize all that the site has to offer. And by devoting just a few moments of time each day, it could become an invaluable tool in the fight against an attack.

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