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Youtube 101- How to use Youtube as a Potent ORM Tool

Online reputation management takes a number of forms. Most online reputation management strategies revolve around Google and the other major search engines.YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? And if there are a number of negative videos posted about you on YouTube it could adversely affect your online reputation. Not only could that video appear in branded SERPs and give your customers the wrong impression, but if you’re not optimizing any YouTube content, anyone searching the video hosting platform for your name will be given a series of negative videos about your business or brand.

Value4Brand a pioneer in Digital Marketing sphere advises that YouTube should be taken with utmost sincerity.

Here are a few suggestions from the experts at Value4Brand to get you started

1) Creativity is the key

Create some video content yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could be a tour of your offices, a product demo, a short message forms your CEO, or anything else related to your brand. Then post your video to YouTube. As long as it is catchy and portrays you in the correct sense.

2) Strategic Optimization

Just like optimizing for other search engines, your title counts. Make sure to include your business name in the title and any other keywords that would be helpful for people to find information about your company. YouTube uses titles to match search relevancy, and you’ll have a higher click-through-rate if the people who are searching for your videos can find you easily.

3) Descriptions are fundamental

Tag your video with your business name and other relevant keywords. YouTube videos with longer descriptions and even links to your corporate website will generally rank higher than videos with minimal description.

4) It’s all about Views

Unlike Google search, YouTube counts views as a ranking factor. The more views you have—and the most recent views—the higher your video will rank in the YouTube search results.If you can get your videos to rank high in the search, then people who are searching for your business name will see your videos before they see the negative videos that anyone else might have posted about you.

5) Get Positive Ratings and Comments

Just like Google, YouTube tries to serve the highest quality content to its users so videos with a high user rating and a large number of comments will rank better. For your reputation management efforts, this means that you need to get a high number of people to watch your videos on a regular basis, rate them, and comment on them.

Running a reputation management campaign on YouTube is not much different than cleaning up your SERPs in Google. Just keep in mind that what you are trying to do is simply get your videos to rank higher than the negative videos and focus all your efforts to that end. If you can do that, you won’t have a problem creating a better reputation on YouTube.

Still perplexed, Don’t flex or worry contact Value4Brand and sit back and relax as they deftly ensure your You Tube channel is up to date.

For more information please visit Value4Brand Reviews.



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