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Handling Online Complaints Like A Pro

Online complaints are a fact of life for today’s businesses. You strive to provide an excellent experience for customers, so it’s natural to feel a little down when you see a negative review or complaint pop up online. When you receive a negative review or a complaint on your social media pages, local listings, or review sites, the best thing to do is to respond so you let your prospects and customers know you care about their feedback and want to resolve any issues you can.

While there are companies that are experts in handling complaints like Value4Brand which help the client to build, repair, manage and promote the client’s brand globally which helps to meet the client’s revenue requirements.

Experts At Value4Brand have enlisted some tips that can help you:

  1. Recognize Real Vs Fake complaint

Read through the online complaint. The laws and rules can be on your side if you can prove that the complaint is baseless. Hence it is advisable to respond when you have had time to cool down a bit.  Once you’ve read through a try to isolate the key issue that generated the complaint so you can stay on target and address that issue without going off in every direction – stay focused as you craft your response. Remember law is on your side

  1. Think before you Post

Again do not rush to respond. Take the time to write out a draft response. Your response will be visible to anyone who visits the review site or sees your reviews appear in search results, not just the reviewer, so you want to make sure your response is giving people a good impression of you as a business owner. There’s nothing less professional than getting defensive and arguing with the reviewer.

  1. Try and take the discussion Offline

One of the key goals of responding to an online complaint is to let the customer know you are listening. Provide the reviewer with a phone number or email address where they can reach you away from the review site to work out the complaint.  In many cases, you can resolve the issue off-line while still showing other prospects and customers that you care through your response.

  1. Rigorous Follow Up

It’s important to follow up with the reviewer after responding to an online complaint to ensure a positive experience moving forward. If you’ve agreed upon a resolution after talking with the reviewer, make good on your word in a timely manner. Following up shows that you’re proactive and willing to do what’s needed to make sure everyone knows you will do everything possible to make your customers happy.

While we at Value4Brand wish from the bottom of our hearts that your business never faces anything of this sort. But in this dystopian world you cannot make everyone happy and its better to face enemy armed that with bare hands.

Stay tuned for more marketing tips from Value4Brand  and do not forget to check Value4Brand Reviews.


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