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Google’s Latest Algorithm – Can Affect your Rankings?

Fred is here – has it affected your rankings

Google released a new algorithm update over this past weekend that really shook up the world of SEO.

Fred seems to be a link quality algorithm update, meaning it measures a website according to the other sites that are pointing back to it. A strong link profile has backlinks from sites with high domain authority, which means it’s not enough to simply get a wide swath of backlinks from spammy sites. Sites with low quality backlinks are taking a serious hit with this new algorithm.

Google has already stated in the past that the company will not officially announce updates, because its algorithm is updated regularly, even daily.

value4brand reviews

Is your website affected by the latest Fred Update?

Your site may have dropped in keyword rankings if it has a spammy link profile. If you are tracking keyword performance, you may want to check whether your site’s had any fluctuations. Also, check your Google Analytics to see the organic traffic performance.

If your rankings have taken a hit from the Fred update, or you want to protect your site from future link algorithm update, Pioneer Digital Marketing company Value4brand has few tips for you:

  • Quality over quantity:

    The quality of backlink matters far more than the total number of links.

  • Avoid site wide do follow links:

    You may see that many sites rank with site wide do follow links but be very cautious about this type of link profile. It can sink anytime.

  • Relevancy adds great value to each link:

    Don’t always stick to Moz Domain authority to analyze the value of a backlink. Check that the backlink is actually relevant to the context.

  • Go for the Gold:

    If everyone can claim a particular link, then probably it carries less value.

  • Anchor text diversity:

    Build a natural anchor text cloud which includes brand name, naked URLs, generic words and business keywords.

  • Do not use automated tools or bots to create backlinks. E.g. mass blog commenting bots.
  • Avoid paid links

Google has been very diligent in deploying updates. These regular updates of Google algorithms has made SEO job very challenging. Analyzing and having deep knowledge in Google updates will make your webpage to achieve better place in Google results.

Value4Brand has been a pioneer offering products and services to From Delhi, India. They also offer search engine optimization services to improve incoming traffic into the websites.

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