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Obsolete SEO Techniques that you need to stop wasting time on

It is a fact that 80% of the traffic of the website begins with a search query. Now you would have understood why Search Engine Optimization is that important. While right SEO visitor numbers, search traffic, and conversion rate, but wrong SEO can spoil the reputation of your brand online. It is hence vital to understand the obsolete techniques that are mentioned below on which now you should avoid while doing SEO:

1. Focusing on quantity over quality

Thinking that quantity of links is more important than its quality is wrong. To boost your organic rankings, quality of content should be good. It is high time now that you should stop producing a large number of links, but start developing the quality ones on high ranking PR sites.

 2. Guest blogging

Guest blogging was considered as an easy way of gathering the attention of the users. However, this turned out to be a failure as people started using duplicate content on the websites. So if you are still using this technique, it is time to drop it now.

 3. Avoid using duplicate content

You can be penalized for duplicating content in regards to Search Engine Optimization on Google. Although some websites require copying content if you are not into that business, it may prove to be of loss for you.

4. Writing Press Releases

There are some benefits of writing newsworthy Press Releases for your brand but if you are doing it for the sole purpose of Search Engine Optimization, then it is a waste because it has no effect on your site’s ranking. You need to now focus on other useful strategies that get positive PR for your brand.

Value4brand is an Online Reputation Management company that helps your brand to opt for the best Search Engine Optimization techniques in order to make it popular amongst masses. Being the experts in Online Reputation Management, Value4brand first analyzes your online presence and then suggests the combination of services that best meet your needs with an expertise in banking, financial services, hospitality, education, insurance, real estate, oil/gas, steel industries, telecom, healthcare, Entertainment, Automobile, BPO, etc.

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