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How can wrong SEO spoil your online reputation

If you think Online Reputation Management is only for big brands, you need to think again! ORM is a process of influencing a company’s or an individual’s reputation online. While good Search Engine Optimization helps you build a great brand image, whereas wrong SEO spoil your online reputation in the following ways-

1. You can get negative feedback from your visitors

Not only people who are visiting your website would give negative reviews which would flash on your website, but you may even get serious complaints even from the search engine itself and lose your potential clients with wrong SEO practices.

2. Lesser traffic

If your website is not made properly, it would take a lot of time to load pages which would result in lesser number of people visiting the site, or if you are not writing something the audience is searching for, there is no chance people would revisit your site.

3. No added value of your website

If you are not able to reach your online target audience efficiently, then your website does not hold any importance of its existence. It is important for it to revise the SEO practices either by or following the norms itself or consulting an Online Reputation Management company.

4. Your site can land in bad linking

Wrong SEO results in negative reviews for your brand and this, in turn, do not allow your company to portray a good image of it online. When a lot of negative reviews are being poured in by the users, it would take your site to bad linking and would land it on at the bottom of Google search results.

Value4Brand is an Online Reputation Management company located in Delhi which helps you to get rid of negative content online and build a positive image of your brand or yourself as an individual. With the team strength of 60 plus top tier and way hardcore IT professionals, Value4Brand helps the client to build, repair, manage and promote the client’s brand globally which helps to meet the client’s revenue requirements.

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