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The differences between Brand and Reputation

How do you differentiate between a brand a reputation?

There is a very thin line between brand and reputation. Hence they can never be used interchangeably. People use these words a lot but many of them don’t know the actual meaning of how one is different from the other. This article gives you an insight of both the terms and how are they related to your business in terms of growth.

How do you define a brand?

The brand is a collective perception of the company’s personnel which may be about the company’s specific product, service, or line of products or services. Brand not only motivates buyers to buy more but also proves how efficiently the company has fulfilled the promises made to its customers over time. In short, the brand is about me.

What is reputation?

While the brand is about me, reputation is about us. When a customer is considering any company’s reputation, he/she is not only thinking about how the services would benefit him/her or the company. Instead, he/she is going beyond and also thinking about how it will benefit the society.

What is the difference between brand and reputation?

What your company says and how it behaves, or the way in which it presents itself to the world is what you call a brand. Whereas reputation is a term used for how others collectively perceive your company. Online Reputation is the sum total of your track record. Brand and reputation may be different but both have a common aim of improving perceptions. Hence, confusing the two may be costly.

How reputation impacts your business?

What if what you promised in your brand does not match the actual experiences of the customers, employees etc. of your company? it is very obvious that these people will lose faith in the organization and might stop them from further continuing with you. A bad reputation lasts longer than the good one. A bad reputation can hence be called a liability for the company as it stops employees from coming in, customers don’t buy, and uncertainty would be high.

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