Top 3 Experimental Campaigns of 2017

Campaigning is an essential part of marketing which not only allows communicating the ideas to the target audience but also is essentially done to build a rapport with the audience or prospective customers. The campaign needs to build on a well-knit plan to have the desired impact and to generate public attention. Companies like Value4Brand a digital marketing company is committed to all your brand needs. Apart from providing SEO services they also help you in devising strategies to help you claim the top rank.

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Following are 3 Experimental Digital Campaigns of 2017 that had a powerful impact on the audience.

  1. Politics- New York Times

Appearing in multiple platforms like TV, Social Media, Email and Outdoor marketing, this was a powerful ad led by New York Times. The campaign makes a direct attempt to make the viewers aware of the discrepancy of Trump Presidency. A very important idea: the growing loss of faith on truth the New York Times’ ad aired on this 30-second advertising slot.  The target was the liberal audience and it garnered a whooping 15 million views and was an immediate success.

  1. Social Issues- Heineken

This ad was based on a real life social experiment where people having opposite standpoints on social issues like women’s right, climate change were brought together where they were made to take part in group activities and tasks. All these were done only to disclose their political opinions later. They had to choose a Heineken and discuss their differences in opinion. This ad was an instant success and was lauded for its brilliance.

  1. Humour- Gucci

Gucci’s new campaign was primarily targeted to the Instagram audience. The campaign revolved around the hashtag #TFW Gucci which is based on a popular internet phrase ‘The Feeling When’.  The hashtag was used with funny images that were related to Gucci and was an overnight success with around 2 million likes and more than 21000 comments.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

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Top 4 Campaign Management Tools for your Business

For a business, it is important to follow the right campaign methods that will yield good result in all sense. The marketing landscape is constantly changing and is becoming more complex which needs to be perfectly examined and followed. For campaign managers, keeping up with the marketing activities and getting updated about the marketing automation tools can certainly help to get the good profit. There are different marketing campaign tools offering robust features to ensure a good profit.Companies like Value4Brand, an online reputation management and digital marketing company in Delhi offer effective campaign marketing for brands to reach its target audience. We have listed down top 4 campaign marketing tools to use:

  1. Marketo:

This multi-function platform offers marketing automation, customer engagement marketing, and other features to offer personalized messaging across marketing channels. Some of the key features are- Email marketing and campaign management, lead generation, search marketing, etc.

  1. Pardot:

This Salesforce product is featured marketing automation tool for accelerating pipelines and helping to drive sales. It helps through email marketing, lead generation, and social marketing. Some of the features are email marketing through branded templates, segmentation wizard, ROI reporting, etc.

  1. Eloqua:

This tool is the best option for campaign management, marketing automation tools, launch campaign tools and many more. Some of the key features are campaign templates, automating email marketing, creating campaigns and others.

  1. HubSpot:

This widely recognized inbound marketing platform offers a variety of marketing automation features. It has a full suite of integrated marketing tools including blogging, social, SEO, email marketing, etc. It comes with features like- Monitoring leads, content management system, building automated workflow, etc.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital marketing company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

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Value4Brand Social Media Tools Engagement

Top Social Media Tools to increase the Engagement

Engagement with the target audience in every increasing social media is the toughest job of a marketer. One has to work constantly and stay ahead in getting the best return from the social media. There are billions of social media users and engaging with them requires enough tools for engagement. Companies have to work round the clock to keep alive in the audience mind and in the social media. One of the primary reasons why companies can reach its target audience is because they have organized tools.

There are many social media tools using any of the best one will help in having regular and effective engagement with target audiences:

  • AgroPulse:

If your company has a strong Twitter presence, then AgroPulse is the most recommended one. The best part of this tool is the web interface because it not only allows publishing but also replying to the audience. In short, it allows staying connected with the audience. It also comes in app format, letting to monitor the Twitter profile anywhere, anytime.

  • Facebook Insights:

Facebook is the most popular platform helps in sharing and engaging with content. It’s easy to use and the team can get access to the page. The best part of Facebook Insight is it helps in tracking the business metrics on page performance, which is the right time to upload the post on Facebook and receive the most engagement.

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

You must be using this already for promoting your business, and with its LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms will help the user to accumulate and track leads. As most people use this site on mobile, it can be a hassle to fill the contact form. So why rely on users to fill the form, with the use of in-app form, it populates stored information about the LinkedIn user. It helps in getting lead generation for your business.

  • Social Mention:

This social media tool helps in tracking brand mentioned and social interactions. With a simple search of the company, your social media team can check how the audience and other companies are mentioning your name. Whether the name is in a negative or positive way, it gives the complete result.

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4 Digital PR Trends to Checkout in 2018

Well, 2018 is almost here and business houses have started looking towards the changing trend in 2018 and PR companies are fast adopting the changes. Every company needs PR to market its new product or service. Public Relation is an important part of the company and the PR team needs to work perfectly to reach the news to its target audience. Like every other domain, PR too will witness some new trend in 2018 which the company needs to adopt. Digital PR service providing companies like Value4Brand adopts this new trend and use it to market the client’s brand. This certainly helps the brand to reach the target audience to sell its new product effectively.

Digital PR | Value4Brand

PR isn’t different from the content marketing trend and social media tools, the only change is the method of promotion and platform. Let us now check 4 most effective PR trend to be seen in 2018:

  1. Personal Branding will go beyond Executives:

Many companies are realizing the importance of investing in leaders who are best in leading the company. This will certainly help the company avoid major loss and build the brand strong. Moreover, if the team has more members then it becomes easy to distribute the content to various media.

  1. Internal PR Support for firms :

Different companies use a different approach for PR and the brand need special support from a firm that can handle this change effectively. A company like Value4Brand is one such specialty firm that does the job seamlessly and will continue to adopt the trend in 2018. Large brands will hire these firms for effective PR result and gain exposure in the competitive market.

  1. Consider Dark Social Influence:

There are various tools that help in identifying the social influence and monitor the performance. In the year 2018, brand owners need to commit to building and engage the audience. However, there will be still issues in tracking the dark social which includes email, messaging, text, Skype, etc.

  1. Measuring Results:

Measuring of Digital PR results will become a valuable part in 2018. The measurement will help in looking how these efforts are meeting the goal of the company. Moreover, it will also include what impact PR influencers are having on the brand.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital PR company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.



Managing Online Presence of the Business for Long Term Profit

No matter how small or big your business is, maintaining an online reputation of the business is essential. The Internet has seen a major change over the years and the users are more curious about things that happen on social media. For a business, social media is a platform for promotion to reach the target audience. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, every platform is important. To maintain a professional web presence, companies have to consider SEO, mobile web design, and content marketing.

If you don’t have a right team that can handle the online presence of your company, then hiring an agency like Value4Brand, one of the leading reputation management companies in India is the right decision you can take. Now let us check the methods of maintaining the online presence that will help the company to maintain its social responsibility and name:

  • Putting Together the Online Team:

Depending on the scope of the business, you need a team of online experts that can understand the vision and marketing methods of the business. You can outsource the job and reduce your burden and get things managed with an expert mind. 4 important pillars you need are:

  • Website Designer
  • SMM
  • SEO
  • Content Writing

Creating an Appealing Website:

Whether your business is completely online or operating in brick and mortar premises, it is important to create an appealing website. Hire a professional web designer who can work on the design as per the requirement. Hiring an agency is the best way to get your website designed by a professional that understands the need of the company. The site should have:

  • Fast loading page
  • SEO Friendly features
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrated social media presence

Strong Online Profile is about Reputation, not Vanity:

A company that engages into online presence needs to consider reputation as a high point. As the organization grows, you need to branch out the audience, which is already known and preferred for your company.

  • Monitor and Adjust Accordingly:

Routine website maintenance is a task that should be handed over to the professional. Use analytical tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and online monitoring tools to know what attracts customers and how it can be further improved. Stay updated with the Google and uses the best practice that allows a better return.

About Value4Brand:

Value4Brand is a leading Online Reputation Management and Digital Marketing company in New Delhi, India. Backed by the team of professional digital marketing professionals, the company helps to build, repair, manage and promote their brand globally which help to meet the client’s revenue requirements. Equipped with advanced tools and TAT based processes, we ensure a strategic solution for the company.

Can digital PR be a game changer for your business?

As businesses are growing, its plateau changes position with each passing day and objective. Having known the factors to success, marketing has gained much more importance, especially online marketing. It has become extremely important for companies, organizations, and brands to maintain a good relationship with their customers and potential clients. Online/Digital PR involves a package of marketing techniques and tactics that help one achieve the set goals in just no time due to the instantaneous positive effect.

The exciting and lucrative features of the digital PR are:

These marketing tools when putting to use effectively do wonders and build empires out of just a brilliant idea. As these way of forming a connection with your target audience has gained significance for important and relevant reasons, the companies serving digital PR are growing but who magnetizes the best results is a tough call to make. But you can easily crack the code to success through digital PR with the pioneer of digital marketing, Value4Brand.

Value4brand, a digital marketing agency offer the finest digital PR services which are not restricted to specific social media platforms or search engines. With the assurance of conversion for every penny you invest in, Value4brand packs its PR packages with absolute expertise. One can be relieved of rapid success, the higher reach of brand awareness, massive exposure and higher chances of a business generation, online reputation monitoring and management, organic traffic building and relevant remarketing database if their project or brand is in the hands of PR magicians.

As Value4brand knows the vital ingredients of a successful PR i.e. marking the right target market, choosing the most appropriate platform, penning and sharing engaging and informative content for marketing revolving around the best-suited keywords, optimizing search engine for similar keywords & more, it guarantees quick success and a mutually benefiting association. To know more and get your business skyrocket with PR, connect with experts at 91-9953187988 now!

Value4Brand can help you to manage your Campaigns

For a business to grow endlessly, it’s necessary to widen the target market and doing so tangibly is not possible. However since the requirement is inevitable and as businesses are operative an excellent phase of their tasks digitally, Digital paid campaigning has made the work possible and easy. By taking the Online Reputation Management Services in Delhi will help you to explore your brand more over the internet.

The silent shout-out play of the web has several advantages and pull bigger range of audiences in exactly no time is one among them. Paid campaigns are the most adopted sort of marketing as a result of it will increase user engagement, magnetizes as well as maximizes traffic together with generating smart business and transfer the whole on prime in relevant searches. Few type of paid campaigns are set through Pay per click (PPC), Google display ads, banner ads, affiliate marketing, remarketing, and E-mailers or messages.

The success of a paid campaign depends on the strategy developed for it. To multiply the advantages of paid campaigns, Value4Brand can be a choice to opt for. The leverage that the campaign consultants at Value4Brand extend is exclusive and whole. they take paid campaigns on either one or each front specifically, keyword-based or together with a dedicated landing page. The consultants discuss the advantageous prospects of each the cases on the premise of the character of business being handled. This systematic method of coming up with and setting the campaign accredits to be one in all the rationale of success.

Paid campaigns by Value4Brand bring numeral benefits that no different sort of promoting will extend at such an excellent speed. a number of the golden coins of Paid promotion is:

  • Open a window to pick target market as per gender, age, space (sectional or radius based), interest as per the character of your business.
  • Ability to plan the paid campaign in a very friendly budget with none minimum or most limit, with another advantage of pausing, stopping or restarting the campaign at any given time.
  • Easy tracking of results through advanced analytical tools by the consultants and sharing of identical at regular intervals.
  • Better and quantified results with high degree of business generation and conversion.

Not only this. One also can choose to show the ads in any or all of the various platforms that are a runway for paid advertisements like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and additional. The paid campaign once handled through the knowledgeable team of Value4Brand interprets objectives into reality. need to skyrocket and fuel your business with Paid campaigns to outdo established competition? Contact Value4Brand- Best ORM company in Delhi.